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Website Isn’t Showing Up On Google and Need Quick Fixes By Today.

Make Google My Business Page or Fix Google My Business Page Issues, Customise & Maintain the GMB Page. Get more calls from your local communities and redirect clients to your website as lead at NO COST.

We Fix SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex thing, and many businesses run into problems with their SEO strategies. In fact, “fix my SEO,” is a pretty commonly searched term on Google. Whether you did your SEO yourself and are now having issues or hired someone to do it and found that their services were not all they were cracked up to be, don’t worry! We can help. So, before you Google another term like “Fix SEO on my site,” turn to us. We know how to answer those please fix my website SEO pleas.

We Fix Common SEO Errors

Whenever people look for answers on how to fix my SEO on my website, it is, more often than not, because they are dealing with common SEO issues that hurt their search engine ranking, their credibility, and their overall business success in general.

We Provide SEO Maintenance

SEO maintenance is the ongoing process of making adjustments to your website to achieve satisfactory search engine ranking results. The focus is ensuring that your content is accurately representing the website, in order to compete with others who also retain SEO companies to keep their business on top. SEO Maintenance services help maintain your existing high search engine ranking. This service is offered to businesses that are ranking higher for their main keywords, but have noticed new competition in those core keywords, which has them struggling to stay on top. Even though your website is at the top now, you won't stay there long without using proper SEO maintenance. There are many factors to consider when it comes to SEO that most people are unaware of.

We Are An SEO Company in Houston

Markitors is the SEO solution for small businesses located in Houston, League City, Pasadena, Pearland, and other locations in Texas. We take great pride in helping our Houston SEO clients achieve their business goals through increased organic search traffic and brand recognition.

SEO Help

Helping your SEO strategy starts with reviewing the SEO basics, as well as adopting SEO best practices. Below, you’ll find seven of the most effective tactics for improving SEO and search rankings. These strategies will require several skill sets, from writing to development, but they’ll help you rank higher.

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